Step into the world of Benedict Hawthorn, where thoughtfulness and innovation meet a profound love for the natural world. Known as 'The Botanist,' Benedict embodies the harmony of earthiness and invigoration, much like the botanicals he so deeply cherishes. His demeanor is reflective, sensitive, and gently commanding, drawing inspiration from the quiet wisdom of nature.

Benedict’s curiosity is as boundless as his health-conscious approach to life. He delves into the intricate relationships between nature's botanicals and human existence, exploring how each plant has its unique place and purpose. His dedication is not just to understanding but to sharing this knowledge generously, guided by a belief in the interconnectedness of all living things.

While he may appear introverted, Benedict reveals his true, authentic self in the presence of those he trusts and holds dear. His kindness is a beacon, marked by an unwavering loyalty and a deep-seated acceptance of others. Benedict knows his worth and gracefully distances himself from disrespect or malice, never one to court conflict but always standing firm in his moral convictions.

Benedict Hawthorn is not just a botanist; he is a kindred spirit to all who value the tranquility and wisdom found in nature. His life is a testament to the power of quiet introspection and the rich, often unspoken bond with the natural world. In his journey, one finds a serene guide who navigates the complexities of life with a sympathetic heart and an enlightened mind.

His approach to botany is not merely scientific; it's a holistic embrace of the delicate balance and beauty in the natural order. Benedict's presence is like a gentle, yet assertive breeze in the forest - there, powerful in its subtlety, impactful in its serenity.

In the company of Benedict Hawthorn, you're invited into a realm of gentle wisdom and natural wonder, where every plant tells a story and every moment of quiet observation reveals deeper truths. Join him in a journey where peace, wisdom, and an unwavering respect for all living things are the greatest treasures to be discovered.


Taste the Character

In every sip of 'The Botanist,' the essence of Benedict Hawthorn's profound connection with nature is vividly captured. This functional ale is a harmonious blend of botanical wisdom and nature's gifts, a reflection of Benedict's deep passion for uniting the art of brewing with the nurturing elements of the earth.

With its modest 0.5% ABV, 'The Botanist' echoes Benedict’s thoughtful and health-conscious approach. It’s infused with a meticulous selection of ingredients: vitamins for well-being, hydrolysed collagen for rejuvenation, goji berries for their antioxidant properties, ginger root for its invigorating essence, and a blend of lemon balm and hibiscus, each bringing their unique botanical benefits.

Just as Benedict reveres the natural world and its intricate connections to humanity, this functional ale celebrates the delicate balance and synergy of its components. The result is not just a beverage but an experience - one that embodies Benedict’s gentle yet insightful spirit. The ale is an invitation to savour the subtle complexities of nature, much like enjoying a quiet, enlightening conversation with Benedict himself.

'The Botanist' is more than just a low-alcohol beer; it's a testament to Benedict's belief in the nurturing power of the natural world. Each ingredient is chosen not only for its flavour but for its ability to harmonise with the body and mind, mirroring Benedict’s own harmonious blend of sensitivity, knowledge, and respect for nature.

As you enjoy 'The Botanist', you're not merely tasting a beer; you're embarking on a journey of botanical discovery, guided by Benedict’s wisdom and the gentle embrace of nature. It’s a journey that speaks to the soul, offering a moment of reflection, wellness, and a deeper appreciation for the subtle wonders of the natural world.

Culinary Companions

Delight in the harmonious pairing of 'The Botanist' with cuisine that echoes its fresh, botanical essence. This functional ale, reminiscent of Benedict Hawthorn's connection to nature, complements dishes that bring out the vibrancy of the earth. Imagine savouring it alongside crisp, green salads, plates infused with aromatic herbs, or fruit-based desserts that resonate with its invigorating spirit.

Moreover, 'The Botanist' serves as the perfect, guilt-free post-workout indulgence. Gather with friends after your fitness routine and enjoy this low-alcohol beer that revitalises without compromise. Its nourishing blend of vitamins and botanicals makes it an ideal choice for those moments of relaxation and rejuvenation, where the conversation is as refreshing as the ale in your hand.

With every pairing, 'The Botanist' enhances the earthy and lively qualities of your meal, offering a unique tasting experience that's both health-conscious and sociably satisfying. It's not just a pairing; it's a celebration of wellness and the joy of sharing good times and good food with great company.


  • Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820)

    An accompanist on Captain James Cook's epic 1768-71 voyage, Banks was a visionary who transformed European understanding of flora. He introduced a plethora of previously unknown plants to Europe. As the long-standing President of the Royal Society and a key figure in the development of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Banks was instrumental in establishing Britain as a leader in botanical research and global plant knowledge exchange.

  • Professor John Lindley (1799-1865)

    As a founder of modern orchidology, he named and categorised countless orchid species. At University College London, he didn't just educate; he reshaped how botanical science was taught and perceived. His prolific writings, particularly in standardising botanical terminology, provided a foundational framework that continues to guide botanists today.

  • William Turner (1509-1568)

    The "Father of English Botany," Turner's legacy is anchored in his groundbreaking book "A New Herball." First published in 1551, a landmark in botanical literature, meticulously documenting British plants with an unprecedented level of detail and scientific rigor. He revolutionised botanical study by emphasising empirical knowledge over folklore and ancient texts, advocating for direct observation and study of plants in their natural settings. Turner's work laid the foundation for modern botanical sciences in the UK.

  • Agnes Arber (1879-1960) 

    A trailblazer in plant morphology, but also as a woman in a predominantly male field. Arber's election to the Royal Society marked a significant milestone. Her unique approach integrated philosophical and historical insights into the study of plant anatomy, pushing the boundaries of how botanical research was traditionally conducted. Arber's extensive writings, particularly on the philosophy of botany, challenged and enriched our understanding of plant life, emphasising a holistic view that connects botany with broader ecological and philosophical themes.