Meet Henry Blackwood, the epitome of urban sophistication and charm. Known in the affluent circles of London's city center, Henry is the man about town who captures the essence of charisma and influence. His presence is a blend of magnetic allure and subtle power, making him a celebrated figure in every gathering.

Henry is the quintessential ladies' man, not just for his charm but for the genuine warmth and attention he bestows upon those he meets. He navigates the social landscapes of London with an effortless grace, earning him a sweet spot in the hearts of all. Discussions about Henry inevitably bring smiles and a sense of fondness, as his charisma extends far beyond superficial charm.

With a portfolio as diverse as his personality, Henry dabbles in an eclectic mix of business ventures. He possesses the rare gift of turning conversations into opportunities, often seen guiding potential ideas into successful realities with his persuasive eloquence. His knack for business is matched only by his zest for life and the connections he fosters.

Despite not being overtly loud, Henry's entrance into any room is marked by a palpable, electric energy. His presence is both known and felt – a testament to the impact of his personality. He talks the talk, but more importantly, people are drawn to him, seeking his company and the vibrancy he brings to every interaction.

Henry Blackwood is more than a socialite or an entrepreneur; he is a living testament to the power of charm, wit, and genuine connection. His story is not just one of success and sociability but also of the magnetic pull of a personality that leaves a lasting impression. Delve into the world of 'The Henry,' and discover the man who embodies the pulse and spirit of London's vibrant heart.


Taste the Character

Savour the essence of 'The Henry' bitter, a brew that encapsulates the multifaceted charm and sophistication of Henry Blackwood. Just as Henry navigates the vibrant life of London's affluent circles with ease and grace, this bitter offers a balanced dance of flavours, appealing to the ambitious and the connoisseurs alike.

Each sip of 'The Henry' is a journey through the complex layers of Henry's personality. The balanced bitterness mirrors his sharp business acumen, while the subtle sweetness reflects the charismatic warmth he exudes. It's a beer that resonates with the energy and sophistication of city life, much like Henry himself who thrives in the dynamic heart of London.

'The Henry' bitter is not just a beverage; it's an embodiment of urban elegance and a tribute to those who, like Henry, appreciate the finer things in life. It's a beer for those moments of reflection on ambitions and achievements, a perfect companion for the discerning palate that seeks depth and character.

Embrace the sophisticated spirit of London with 'The Henry' bitter, a beer that's as multifaceted and captivating as Henry Blackwood's own legendary charm and savvy.

Culinary Companions

Indulge in the culinary art of pairing with 'The Henry' bitter, reminiscent of a gastronomic journey with Henry Blackwood through classic English traditions. Each dish that accompanies this beer reflects the rich and complex essence mirrored in both the beer and Henry himself.

Envision this bitter alongside a perfectly roasted beef, its balanced bitterness elegantly cutting through the meat's richness, akin to Henry's effortless navigation of London's intricate social tapestry. The beer’s subtle sweetness complements the savoury Yorkshire pudding, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with Henry’s sophisticated and multifaceted charm.

The indulgence continues with dishes enveloped in luxurious cream sauces or an array of fine cheeses, each bite enhancing the sophisticated profile of the bitter. These pairings accentuate the beer's depth and character, mirroring the diverse and refined layers of Henry Blackwood's personality.

With 'The Henry' bitter, every meal is transformed into an exploration of rich and nuanced flavours, reflecting the essence of the man it symbolises. It’s more than a pairing; it’s an experience – a journey through taste as complex and captivating as Henry's life among the city's elite.


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  • Sir Thomas More (1478-1535)

    "Utopia," published in 1516, is a complex satirical work depicting a fictional island society and its religious, social, and political customs. More had a prominent career in public service, serving as a counselor to Henry VIII and later as Lord Chancellor. His career highlighted the tensions between power and principle, especially in the context of the Reformation. More was executed for refusing to acknowledge King Henry VIII as the head of the Church of England. More's life and work have been interpreted in various ways over the centuries, but he remains a symbol of integrity and moral courage.