In the picturesque landscapes of the English countryside, a figure of timeless elegance and jovial spirit emerges – Lord Cedric Pendleton, known affectionately as 'The Squire.' Born into a prominent family, Cedric's life is a rich tapestry of sophistication, intellectual pursuits, and the rustic charm of the rolling hills and serene lakes that surround him.

Cedric is the embodiment of the quintessential English gentleman: refined, benevolent, yet with a heart that beats to the rhythm of the countryside's playful spirit. He masterfully balances the legacy of his family with his own spirited adventures, crafting a life that is as dignified as it is full of vitality.

Equally at home amidst the laughter and camaraderie of the local country pub as he is within the grand walls of his family estate, Cedric's presence is a blend of warmth and elegance. In the pub, he is a beloved figure, sharing stories and laughter with locals and close friends, reminiscing about their shared outdoor pursuits. His jovial nature and the tales of their communal adventures only add to his charm and appeal.

Lord Cedric is not only a connoisseur of vintage cars, often seen cruising country roads in his vintage sports car, but also a man of profound familial devotion. His heart is deeply rooted in the family estate, where he is the cornerstone of every gathering, whether it's a shooting expedition with friends or a lively family lunch in the expansive kitchen.

The Pendleton home is a sanctuary of warmth and belonging, a place where friends are treated as family, embraced with open arms and a promise of lifelong friendship. To be part of Lord Cedric's world is to experience the true essence of the English countryside – a blend of gentry elegance and the joyous, unbridled spirit of rural life.

Lord Cedric Pendleton, 'The Squire,' is more than a title; he is the living embodiment of the heart and soul of the countryside. Step into his world and discover a character as rich and enchanting as the lands he cherishes.


Taste the Character

Immerse yourself in the refined world of 'The Squire' blonde ale, a beer that mirrors the elegant and gentlemanly essence of Lord Cedric Pendleton. Much like Cedric, who gracefully navigates the realms of English gentry with his charismatic presence, this blonde ale is a harmonious blend of subtlety and rich flavours, embodying a perfect balance of sophistication and approachability.

Each sip of 'The Squire' is akin to an encounter with Cedric himself – it invites intrigue and captivates the senses. The ale's well-rounded profile echoes Cedric's multifaceted personality, offering layers of depth that unfold charmingly in social settings. It's a beer that resonates with the spirit of the countryside, yet carries the elegance of high society, reflective of Cedric’s ability to blend these worlds seamlessly.

'The Squire' blonde ale is not just a beverage; it’s a celebration of the finer things in life, much like the gatherings at the Pendleton estate. It’s perfect for those moments of lively conversation in the drawing room or relaxed laughter around the family kitchen, capturing the essence of Cedric’s warm and inviting nature.

Embrace the gentlemanly spirit of Lord Cedric Pendleton with 'The Squire' blonde ale – a beer that’s as delightful and intriguing as the man who inspires it, perfect for any occasion that calls for a touch of class and conviviality."

Culinary Companions

Delight in the culinary elegance that accompanies 'The Squire' ale, a pairing experience that perfectly complements the sophisticated and graceful character of Lord Cedric Pendleton. Each chosen dish reflects the refined and aristocratic essence that Lord Cedric embodies, creating a harmonious blend of taste and tradition.

Envision this ale alongside delicate seafood dishes, where its light and refined flavours dance gracefully with the subtle tastes of the ocean, much like Lord Cedric's seamless blend of gentry poise and countryside charm. The ale's crisp and gentle notes are a perfect match for fresh, vibrant salads, echoing the lush greenery of the English countryside that Lord Cedric so adores.

For a sweet conclusion, pair 'The Squire' with a zesty lemon tart. The tart's bright, tangy flavours resonate beautifully with the ale’s sophisticated profile, offering a taste experience that is as elegant as an afternoon on the Pendleton estate. Each pairing with this ale is not just a meal; it’s an indulgence in the finer things in life, reflecting the essence of Sir Cedric’s refined yet heartily welcoming nature.

With 'The Squire' ale, every dining experience becomes a celebration of refinement and elegance, a tribute to the sophisticated palate of Sir Cedric Pendleton, and a journey into the heart of English culinary sophistication.


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