The Art and Strategy of Contract Brewing at TGBCo

The Art and Strategy of Contract Brewing at TGBCo

Let’s be honest – there’s a lot of side-eyeing surrounding contract brewing in the industry, so we thought we’d be upfront and share our journey and why we chose to contract brew.

Why We Choose Contract Brewing

Starting a brewery requires a massive investment and years of training or resources to hire the right talent. While that’s the dream, in the current climate, we felt this approach wasn’t the best fit for us. We wanted to create a quality product without the hefty costs and time commitment. Our focus is to establish ourselves as a beer brand first and foremost. Contract brewing lets us do just that, leveraging our project management skills and the expertise of seasoned brewers.

What is Contract Brewing?

Contract brewing is when a company (like us) partners with established breweries to produce their beer. This setup lets us concentrate on getting the brand development, marketing, and distribution just right, while the actual brewing is handled by industry pros. This way, we ensure our beers hit the highest quality standards without needing our own brewing facilities.

Brewing to Our Own Recipes

Even though we use contract brewing, our beers are brewed to our unique recipes. This isn’t white labeling, where a generic product gets rebranded and sold by different companies. We work closely with our partner breweries to make sure each beer is crafted to our specific formulations and standards.

Collaborating with Master Brewers

Our beers are brewed by master brewers across three different breweries, each chosen for their expertise in specific beer styles. This collaboration ensures that every beer we produce is top-notch. By tapping into the knowledge and skills of these experienced brewers, we bring our vision to life while staying committed to excellence.

Our Vision for the Future

While contract brewing lets us create exceptional beers efficiently, we’ve got big plans for the future. Our ultimate goal is to establish our own destination brewery. This will happen when our brand grows enough to need faster production than what contract breweries can handle. At that point, contract brewing might become more cumbersome than it’s worth.

Until then, we’re all about producing top-quality beers and growing our brand. By using our strengths in project management and logistics, we manage the complex processes involved in contract brewing and deliver outstanding products to our customers seamlessly.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and expand, always keeping our eye on the ultimate goal of creating a brewery that not only makes great beer but also serves as a gathering place for our community.

As always, we’re grateful for you joining us on this journey.

Cheers, The TGBCo Team

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