Our Helles Lager, The Stockbroker, is a perfectly balanced beer with a clean and refreshing taste. It's crafted with meticulous attention to detail a precision from the conditioning time to the acute and timely changes in temperature, much like the strategic moves required on the stock exchange.

Think: Summer nights, relaxed drinks watching the sun set and chatting in to the evening.

Time to invest?


Our IPA, The Captain, is crafted with a generous amount of hops, delivering a vibrant, hop-forward flavor profile that is both refreshing and invigorating.

This robust, hop-forward beer pays homage to the tradition of adding generous amounts of hops and higher alcohol to preserve the beer, brewed to withstand the long voyages to India, capturing the essence of exploration and endurance in every sip.

Hop onboard?


This low-alcohol beer is infused with a blend of botanicals, including goji berries, ginger root, lemon balm, camomile and hibiscus flowers, alongside vitamins B complex and C and hydrolysed collagen. It's a refreshing alternative that promotes wellness, much like the botanist's dedication to understanding and nurturing nature.

Think: An after a game of tennis drink with friends in the local bar, a feel good choice that prolongs those endorphins

Beer with benefits?


Our Stout, The Explorer, features rich chocolatey malt and subtle coffee undertones, creating a full-bodied and adventurous experience. It's a nod to the enduring spirit of explorers who thrive in challenging environments.

Think: The comfort and familiarity of chocolate and coffee notes after a treacherous hike against the elements



This modern take on a traditional bitter, reminiscent of classic English ales, once know as a mild, offers a balanced profile with a smooth finish.

It's crafted to reflect the charm and sophistication of Henry, a man about town, known for his charisma and multifaceted nature.

Think: A couple of pints with friends after a long days work, surrounded by the bustling city.

Up for Tradition?


Our Blonde Ale, The Squire, is a graceful and approachable beer with well-rounded flavors. It captures the essence of refined gatherings and the elegance of the countryside, much like the gentleman it represents, who balances family expectations with a love for fun and tradition.

Think: A relaxed pint in a country pub over a Sunday lunch and wholesome company.

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